About US

About Us


 I have been a traveling clinician, a specialized corrective  farrier, and have over 25 years veterinarian experience. I'm  currently in full time law enforcement.

I believe because most of our life has been spent working in the animal industries we can provide you with excellent services.

     On the working K9 farm I stand behind our dogs believing it's about  quality not quantity.  I strive to build a long professional  relationship with our customers to ensure everyone's success.

I thank you in advance for your business and look forward to working with you.


The Dogs


Because of our time spent with these breeds we want to share a few  tips.  We want you and your K9 to be very satisfied and successful.

1. In dealing with your new puppy allow plenty of time to bond with you, family, friends and other pets. 

2.  The boundaries you set in the first month will be the dog's program.   So think long term when deciding what boundaries you want to set.

3.  These dogs are extremely smart and enjoy learning. So have fun training  them but remember serious programs don't usually start until a  dog around 12 months old maturity changes. So spend time building  confidence in your dog.  Be consistent, firm with praise.

4.  These dogs are bred for protection of you and your family so that is  hardwired in. We believe balancing this with socializing PROPERLY is the  key. We like to hike our dogs, walk downtown, go swimming, biking and  meeting other dogs.  These are successful ways to properly socialize  your puppies. The more you take your vaccinated puppy everywhere the  better dog you will have. Remember what you do regularly in the first  year will set the tone to have a successful relationship.

5. We strongly discourage long kennel time or line tying your dog unless for training purposes only.

6. We encourage a diet of 50% raw food along with grain free dry food. 

     Again these are just tips to help.  We are available to support you and  your dogs.  We want to ensure a strong connection between you and your  new K9 companion.