Working Dog Terms and Background

What are the differences of the sport, ring and police dogs?


What are the differences of the sport, ring and police dogs?

Schutzhund / IPO originated  in Germany and the KNPV began in Holland.  Schutzhund is a sport now  known IPO which stands for Internationale Prufungs-Ordnung.  It is a  three part sport which includes tracking, obedience and protection  phases.

KNPV is Koninklijke Nederlandse Politiehond Vereniging also known as the Royal Dutch Police Dog Association, Holland. 

The French Ring is  a protection dog sport based in France. It includes various phases of  obedience and protection. It also has an initial temperament test to  show the dog has the correct mind and body.

Mondioring  Sport is an F.C.I international dog sport the most difficult in the  world and can be entered by dogs from any major country. It is packed  full of intense long phases of obedience, agility and protection.


Is the Dutch Shepherd Right for You?

Approved Homes Information


1. Must be  an experienced dog person to purchase our dogs.  This cannot be your  first dog.  These breeds require heavy socialization and training by  experienced owners.  As they mature they can be very protective of their  family and homes.  They are unique, intensely loyal, protective,  sensitive and serious dogs.  All their traits are for the serious dog  owner with a lifestyle of active dogs ONLY!

2.  If you are unable to take your dog to work with you this is not the  breed for you.  Or if you are gone 8 to 12 hours a day and no other  animals or family are home this is not the dog for you.  These breeds  require a JOB with mental stimulation and exercise more than twice a  day.  Basic obedience of come, down, stay, sit and no are not enough  training for these dogs.  They are bred to be a partner not a Pet.  If  not cared for properly they will entertain themselves by other means  that can be harmful for them and your stuff.   

3.  These dogs excel at agility, tracking, obedience, protection sport,  dock driving and nose detection work.  We bred only Champion proven  working dogs.  Our dogs have the highest breed traits possible making  them a serious Working K9 not for the weak at heart. These dogs will  take a Alpha role in your home if you are not a constant strong loving  leader.

4.  You must train your dog yourself along with professional trainers to be  successful.  These dogs are bred for superior strength, power and  mental concentration.  If you do not have the time or passion these  breeds are not for you.

5.  We do sell to civilian families with proof of experience, fenced in  property and a lifestyle that is willing and able to include your new  dog.  Also if you have other animals in the home we ask for pictures and  temperaments of them.  And if you have young children both the dog and  children must be taught how to interact appropriately.  These breeds  love their families more than life but with their strength and energy it  can be a lot.  Please understand we want what is best for you and your  loved ones.

​We look forward to supporting you with your new Dutch Shepherd puppy.